Nosgoth Update Adds Mystery Items, New Abilities and More

October 14, 2014

Nosgoth, the 4v4 multiplayer game set in the Legacy of Kain universe, has received a substantial 1.2 GB update that brings plenty of new features and fixes to the game’s presently closed beta.

The new update’s biggest addition is Mystery Items, which are ultra rare weapons/vampire attacks that can randomly drop at the end of games. These items have hidden properties linked to a leveling system specific to it. As you use the item it will gain XP and level up, just like your character, and earn new abilities through tiered progression. Tier 1 shows all the properties the item has, Tier 2 unlocks the first set of properties (1 Positive, 1 Negative), Tier 3 unlocks the second set (1 Positive, 1 Negative) and Tier 4 adds unique visual FX to the item, including flames, frost, lightning, shadow and toxic appearances.


Aside from the Mystery Items, the other major change is the addition of a new Alchemist ability called Immolation. Immolation lets the Alchemist sacrifice a portion of their life in order to create a self explosion to deal massive area of effect damage to nearby vampires. Essentially, think of your character striking their best ‘going Super Saiyan’ pose while blue energy nukes everything around you. It’s a pretty nifty tool and will definitely be useful in a pinch.

In addition to these changes, several bugs have been squashed and plenty of balancing has been done to the games existing characters and abilities that you can read in the games full patch notes. To celebrate the update, all players will earn double XP through Sunday, giving everyone a great chance to unlock new classes and earn rewards. Nosgoth is set to go into open beta at some point before the end of the year before being officially released.

Andrew Matt

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