Not For Broadcast Lets You Push Your Agenda Through a Vision Mixer

Not For Broadcast is a narrative-driven title that puts players in front of a vision mixer, choosing how to broadcast a political scandal.

By Ben Bayliss

January 14, 2020

Not For Broadcast by developer NotGames, looks to be a fun and simple video game in which you take on the role of a vision mixer within a 1980s production studio. The studio broadcasts its show as part of the National Nightly News team where a political scandal is ongoing. It’s your job to take control of the broadcast and push your own agenda out to the audience watching at home.

Well, the player is actually just someone who turned up to the studio to clean it, but somehow find themselves fingering the buttons and faders. The player can take control of the broadcasted footage by choosing from four camera feeds available, what headlines are displayed, beep bad language, and more.

At current, the prologue is available for free to try on Steam. Once it lands into early access later this month, Not For Broadcast will include three full chapters to play through. Then post-launch, and by working with the community, the game will round up to ten chapters being playable, with various consequences taking place depending on your actions.

The footage you’re cutting between is all live-action footage, in which situations may unfold which means you’ll need to cut away to avoid broadcasting things that don’t deserve to be on a PG-rated show. There’s also the chance to earn in-game money by running adverts, but not all will satisfy the viewers.

The content within the footage is said to touch on topics such as euthanasia, conspiracy theories, radical politics, atheism, and social issues. It’s a game which is apparently being likened to Papers Please with a touch of Black Mirror.

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The trailer, which is available to watch above on publisher tinyBuild‘s channel, shows the game in action, simply placing the player in front of numerous monitors with the freedom to operate the desk.

Not For Broadcast is to launch onto Steam Early Access on January 30 for PC.

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