Not Your Average Bug, Blue Beetle is Coming to Inifinite Crisis

By Peter Nolan-Smith

April 15, 2014

The Blue Beetle will be appearing as the latest character update in their free-to-play online game, Infinite Crisis.

When I was a kid, Blue Beetle was a white guy in tights and probably one of the least memorable members of the Justice League. Somewhere between then and now DC Comics replaced him with Jaime Reyes, a Hispanic teenager with a murderous alien scarab fused to his spine. It’s serious update from the once generic character flying around in a beetle shaped airplane.

Boating the ability to fly, shoot massive energy blasts from a couple of arm cannons and just generally look like he could mess you up, Jamie will be available for download on April 30.

Warner Brother’s marked today’s announcement with the release of a video showcasing an in-depth breakdown of the character’s strengths and abilities.

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