Vehicular Battle Royale Game notmycar Hits Steam Early Access Today

Vehicular Battle Royale Game notmycar Hits Steam Early Access Today

notmycar, a vehicular battle royale title from Skybound Games, just hit Steam Early Access today and is giving early adopters a special bonus.

With the battle royale genre getting more and more crowded every month, it’s harder for games within the popular genre to get noticed. Games like Apex Legends succeed but you also see others like The Culling 2 flop. The latest battle royale title to enter the fray is notmycar, a vehicular battle royale game unlike much else from Skybound Games and NMC Studios that may just have some potential.

According to the game’s Steam page, notmycar will remain in Steam Early Access for at least 6 months, which would put a full release sometime around this October. The developers plan on using this time to “create new game modes, enhance existing and build new features, fine-tune driving and combat, develop in-game items based on player feedback…and to scale up the number of players that can enter a match from 40 to 75+.”

As for the gameplay itself, notmycar is fairly similar to other battle royale games. Players drop onto an island map where the playable area is constantly getting smaller and smaller and then attempt to be the last one standing. What helps notmycar stand out is the aforementioned focus on vehicular combat and customization, which has the potential to add a Twisted Metal-like flair into the mix. The game is free-to-play, and Skybound Games is rewarding those who try notmycar by April 12 with an exclusive skin for The Beast, a powerful truck.

You can check out the latest set of screenshots for this new free-to-play battle royale game below. notmycar is now available for PC via Steam Early Access and should remain that way f0r at least six months.