Novel Web Game Resident Evil Contagion Returns

on November 14, 2015 8:07 AM

Before the launch of Resident Evil HD, Capcom released a novel web-based game called Resident Evil Contagion. Now they are doing the same with Resident Evil 0 HD.

Capcom relaunched it, and now it’s called Resident Evil Re-Contagion. This isn’t just a side-game, but it allows you unlock extra in-game costumes for Chris and Jill and real life Resident Evil-themed merchandise.

“Raccoon City was saved from the brink of destruction during the previous contagion, but the T-Virus lingered on and has started to spread once again!
If the virus completely infects the city, the Ecliptic Express, and Umbrella’s Training Facility, who knows what will happen to Resident Evil 0? This time its effects might even spill over into the real world…”

Resident Evil 0 HD releases in early 2016.

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