Five Predictions for the Next Pokemon GO Community Day in November 2021

By Sam Woods

October 9, 2021

It’s that time of the month once again when the Pokemon GO Community Day rolls around.

This time out, fitting October’s spooky theme, is the slightly underwhelming Duskull – which was one of the earliest released Shiny Pokemon.

However, while October’s Community Day may be disappointing, we’re only going to be a month away from the next one – but what could it be?

As I like to do, here’s my prediction for the next Pokemon GO Community Day that will be taking place in November 2021.

Pokémon GO 5th Anniversary Video “Adventures Go On!”

Pokémon GO 5th Anniversary Video “Adventures Go On!”


If you’ve looked at any of my recent predictions, you’ll know that I’m predicting Axew until it finally happens.

Axew has a cool shiny, is super rare and would likely shake things up if its evolution Haxorus got a Community Day move.

Its for this reason that I’m convinced Niantic will do it at some point as the hype levels would go through the roof. Here’s hoping it’s in November.


Another Pokemon I’ve predicted in the past is Drilbur.

It’s a relatively popular Pokemon which has yet to have its Shiny form added into the game. Its evolution, Excadrill, would also make an even bigger dent in PVP should it receive a special move.

This would be a top pick for the November Community Day from me.


Now for a bet that could be fairly safe. Niantic has been known to alternate between a starter Pokemon and a non-starter Pokemon for Community Day and Chespin would be next up in that cycle.

It also turns from a green to a brown colour which would be fitting as we head into autumn.


As temperatures drop, Spheal could be another good candidate to become the November Community Day Pokemon.

It’s Ice-typing means it would fit the time of year and it’s another Pokemon that’s not had its Shiny form released. Plus Walrein could be a bit of a beast given the right move.


Starly would arguably be one of the most underwhelming Community Days in the history of Pokemon GO, however, like Talonflame earlier this year, Staraptor could become a PVP stalwart with a special move.

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