Now Hiring: Writers – Do You Think You Have What It Takes?

Now Hiring: Writers – Do You Think You Have What It Takes?

It’s crazy to think that a little over two years ago this site was completely maintained with only four full time writers/editors. Now, we’re a staff of 10 strong, spanning five different time zones and two countries. In other words: we’re totally killing it.

With that growth comes more and more opportunities for content and because we can’t be everywhere all the time — which is a great problem to have by the way — we’re looking for some backup.

If you want to get your foot through the door of this awesome industry, just click that continue reading button.

What we’re looking for is someone who has a real hunger for writing but most importantly exposure. We can send any schmuck to a preview event, but do they have the goods to deliver that content to an audience in a cohesive, concise, and most importantly a timely manner?

That’s what we’re looking for, minus the schmuck part, of course. Your role as an writer for DualShockers will be covering news, press preview events (like PAX, E3, Gamescom, etc.) but also provide ORIGINAL content and editorials.

If you’re currently enrolled at a college or University, this could be your opportunity to earn those internship credits that you’ve been putting off every semester. In the past we’ve had writers that have gone this route and actually used their experience at DualShockers to their benefit.

Why not do the same in an industry you love?

Just be warned that while this is a non-paying gig, this is totally a job and will be treated as such.  Below is a simple copy and paste of what’s on the jobs page in terms of what we look for. Give it a look look and good luck to all the candidates!


DualShockers values honest and unbiased writers who write what they feel without the thought of constraints. If you think you have the balls to join the DualShockers team and promote unfiltered over-the-edge writing without a care of what anyone else in the world thinks about you, then, by all means, feel free to apply.

Applicants must have a sheer obsession with gaming, and a great conversational writing voice.  A mild dose of psychological disorders is also welcomed as sanity won’t be too much of your companion in this business.

We receive inquiries daily, so please take a couple of minutes out of your busy day to email us two samples of your writing, as well as whatever conceited thoughts you have about how great of a writer you are, and how much others envy your existence in this world.

Please make sure to include how long you’ve been gaming in that with the addition of why and how your awesomeness will benefit DualShockers and the gaming community.

If you have the IQ of someone who just stumbled out of a sheep orgy or the personality of a dead moth, please refrain from applying.  We will ridicule you beyond belief.

DualShockers keeps applications on file for future references.  All emails will get responded to accordingly. If you’re not contacted for the writing position you applied for, please don’t hyperventilate and get nervous. This only means that we aren’t currently looking for any writers.

Those of you interested to write with us, note that it isn’t always fun and games (even though the gaming industry is filled with both). The following is a list of things that we require from our writers:

  • Self motivated and a self starter to the point of not needing to be micro-managed.
  • Knowledge of games and the gaming industry. To write about it, you must be familiar with it.
  • A strong emphasis in English grammar (e.g. can spell and use punctuation accordingly).
  • Journalism experience is a HUGE plus, but not necessary.

If you’re brought on board to write with the team, you will be given a 30 day grace period in which the editors will evaluate your consistency and overall performance. If decided that you’re not an eligible candidate for the DualShockers team, we will tap your head, thank you, and remove you from the staff.

We require that all applicants know that although this isn’t a paid job, we certainly treat it as one, and will attempt to treat our writers accordingly.

Think you have what it takes? Feel free to send the requested information to