Nowhere Studios’ Monochroma Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Nowhere Studios’ Monochroma Begins Kickstarter Campaign

My first impression when I saw this game was the amount of gameplay, presentation, and storyline similarities that I could draw between it and Limbo. The creators Monochroma have not strayed from acknowledging this fact, but counter by adding that their game:

“…is a deeply visual, intellectual, and emotional experience. It is not a game that ‘barks and howls’ through voiceover or cinematics. Instead, the puzzles and visuals speak for themselves. Monochroma features realistic locations, puzzles modeled with accurate physics—and a layered, grim atmosphere that will immerse you for hours.”

Much like the aforementioned Limbo, Monochroma is the story of a small boy. The protagonist and his brother decide to take on a massive corporation whose business is in building robots and selling them to families across the country. After the protagonist’s brother injures his leg, it is up to him to solely complete their mission – while carrying his brother in tow, of course. Nowhere Studios have described the gameplay as being predicated on:

“…physics-based puzzle solving but there is plenty of action to be found across the game’s four unique chapters; the full game will contain 60+ puzzles and a 6-hour single player campaign. In order to extend replayability, players can seek mysterious flowers hidden within each chapter.”

The six-hour campaign, comprised of the stages, “Outskirts, Ghetto, Factory, and Zeppelin,” is almost complete, with the remaining work including, “engine scripts, controls, physics, and the first half of the game assets and levels. Nowhere Studios is now producing the third chapter (Factory). The team is also tweaking and polishing current chapters (Outskirts and Ghetto)—and fixing bugs.” The Kickstarter campaign will secure funds to help fill in any holes in production

The Kickstarter campaign has already received almost $13,000 of its $80,000 goal, across 410 backers with 37 days left in the campaign. The producers are also looking for help Greenlighting the game on Steam.

Monochroma is being developed by Nowhere Studios for release on PC, Max, and Linux in December. The studio is also considering publishing the game on Ouya, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network and Xbox One and Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade.