Nintendo Switch Dominates Month of November on NPD Charts While Red Dead Redemption 2 is Top Software

Nintendo Switch Dominates Month of November on NPD Charts While Red Dead Redemption 2 is Top Software

Sales in November 2018 were carried largely by the Nintendo Switch with strong performances from PS4 and Xbox One also contributing.

It’s that time of the month once again, ladies and gentlemen. As is custom near the end of every month, the NPD Group has today released the sales figures for the video game industry in the U.S. today, this time for the month of November 2018.

The biggest headliner this month, and one we learned of earlier today, is that the Nintendo Switch absolutely killed it in November. Not only is the Switch now the fastest-selling console of this current generation, but it also was the console that had the most dollars spent on it in November along with it seeing year-over-year growth compared to last year. In fact, the Switch sold so well in November 2018 that it offset sales declines for PS4 and Xbox One to get the month to a YoY growth for hardware. Just a few months ago it seemed like Nintendo wouldn’t end up hitting their fiscal year goal for Switch sales in 2018, but that now seems to once again be in play.

Even though Switch was the month’s big winner, PS4 and Xbox One didn’t do too shabby either. Over 1.3 million units of the PS4, Switch, and Xbox One were all sold in November, making it the first time in history that all three major platform holders have surpassed 1 million units sold in a November month. Of the three, the PS4 still ended up with the highest unit sales overall. It’s safe to say that the video game industry is in a healthy spot at the moment.

In software, Red Dead Redemption 2 took November’s top spot with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 following close behind. Battlefield V was the month’s best debut title and came in at third, with Fallout 76 coming in fourth and both Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee following after.

You can see the full top-20 list for last month in the image below:


For the year as a whole, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 still remains the top-selling game of the year with Red Dead Redemption 2 trailing in second. We’ll see if Rockstar Games can turn in an impressive last-minute performance to surpass Black Ops 4 in December, but beating Call of Duty in any year is a tall task.

Lastly, sales as a whole in November 2018 were down compared to that of November 2017, but this is almost solely attributed to Black Ops 4 releasing in October this year rather than November. Even with this YoY dip on the month, sales for the year are still up greatly with a 16% increase being seen compared to 2017.

If you want to see the NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella go over November’s numbers in greater detail, you can listen to that smart fellow in the video below. To look back upon how October 2018 played out, you can find it right here.