Nuketown is Finally Coming to Black Ops 4 on November 13

Nuketown is Finally Coming to Black Ops 4 on November 13

Black Ops 4 is bringing back the fan-favorite Nuketown, with a Russian twist, on November 13 for PS4 first.

Back in October, Treyarch teased the return to the ever-so-popular Call of Duty: Black Ops map, Nuketown. The map has been updated and placed in every Black Ops title to date, so it’s no surprise that Treyarch would like to add the fan-favorite to Black Ops 4. Well, in a recent tweet from the official Call of Duty Twitter, the developers officially confirmed a release date of November 13, with the map releasing first for PS4.

For those wondering, the Russian written in the tweet translates to “Welcome Back”. This ties into the Russian Nuketown theme that Treyarch has been hinting at. Details have been surprisingly scarce for such a hot map.

It will also be interesting to see if the updated Nuketown will be incorporated at all into the Blackout map. One thing is for sure – I can’t wait to get some matches in on the new map next Tuesday.

This announcement comes at a great time, as Activision announced great success in their Q3 earnings thanks to big-earning titles like Call of Duty Black Ops 4. You can read our review for the latest Black Ops title as well as read up on Classified‘s ending cutscene finally being discovered.