Turn-Based Strategy Title Numantia Releases with Live Action Launch Trailer

Turn-Based Strategy Title Numantia Releases with Live Action Launch Trailer

RecoTechnology S.L.'s historically-accurate turn-based strategy game Numantia releases today for PS4 and PC. The Xbox One launch is coming soon.

Today, RecoTechnology S.L. announced that its turn-based strategy game about the war between the Romans and the Iberians in 154 BC has launched. Alongside that announcement, the team has also released a live action trailer for the game, Numantia.

In Numantia, you will play on both sides of the Roman Empire conflict, seeing the war through the eyes of either Carus Segeda or Roman General Scipio. The development team behind the title has gone through lengths to ensure that battles feel historically-accurate and significant as you are asked to manage up to 30 units simulatenously. Visit the battles that took place at Termes, Palantia, and Numantia as the ultimate siege of them all celebrates its 2150th anniversary this year.

Numantia is now available for PC and PlayStation 4. The game will also launch onto Xbox One on October 31. For more information on the game, you can visit the developer’s official website or the game’s Steam page.

Below is the new trailer released for the game, showing some buff men gearing up to go to war, as well as a few shots of in-game footage to show what the game is actually like.

Earlier this month, the release date for Numantia was revealed alongside a new trailer, featuring even more of the title’s historically-accurate gameplay.