Numerous Retailers Price the Nintendo 3DS

Numerous Retailers Price the Nintendo 3DS


The Nintendo 3DS isn’t expected to drop until early next year. Furthermore, there has been no talk of confirmed pricing for the device. In spite of this, a small handful of retailers allege to not only know the price of the upcoming handheld, but are also accepting pre-orders.

Advertisement has the device priced at a modest one cent, which we can assume is all kinds of misinformed. UK distributor MyMemory lists the handheld for a daunting £399.99 or, over $500 and list 3 colors. Take that PS3!!

Panamoz UK seem to have the right idea, listing a price of 190 Euros for the device, which rounds out to about $275, which is still steep but it beats MyMemory’s price by a mile. seems to think the handheld will amicably break the bank though, listing the astonishing price of £977.74 or almost $1300.

But of course, all the above retailers are seemingly misled, as Nintendo have not confirmed pricing for their upcoming console. They will be disclosing new information regarding this on September 29th, so until that time, please disregard the listings.