Numskull Designs Reveal Official Bioware Anthem Merchandise

Numskull Designs Reveal Official Bioware Anthem Merchandise

If you want to look like an Anthem player, you can look like an Anthem player now.

As Bioware’s upcoming shooter Anthem draws closer to release next month while teasing us all with fancy gameplay trailers, you may wish to show off how excited you are. Numskull Designs have officially revealed their Anthem themed merchandise.

The products that are available include a snapback cap that features a rubber molded faction icon on the front. On the back, the cap features the Anthem logo embroidered into the material. There’s also a T-Shirt that features premium rubber prints on the front and the sleeves, The front showing off the Anthem faction glyph, and the sleeves showing off the logo.

If you want a fancy coffee mug, then there’s also a stainless steel mug that features the logo and faction glyph and can hold 400ml of your tasty wake-up juice. However it isn’t dishwasher or microwave safe, so get some sponges in. A Keyring is also available as a premium metal mold with a metallic finish and will sit comfy on your keychain with its 5cm x 4.5cm size.

You can find a gallery below that shows off the merchandise, and quite frankly I’m in love with the mug and the T-Shirt. The above merchandise is also official Bioware products.

Numskull Designs have worked with brands such as Marvel, Sony, Activision, and more, with one of my personal favorite pieces of merchandise from them being the Vault 76 3D mug because I’m a sucker for anything I can put my coffee into. Furthermore, Numskull Designs’ products are available worldwide.

We’ve been seeing a fair amount of information regarding Anthem recently, The PC requirements for the game were revealed the other day and also the CES trailer which shows off a calm look at the games world and combat running on a Nvidia graphics card. It’s certainly incredibly pretty, but if explosive gameplay footage is your preference, you can check out this gameplay video showcasing some early missions.

If all of this hypes you for its release this year you’ll probably want to jump into the demo that is coming very soon. If that’s enough for you to want to grab the game then you can pre-order it via Amazon.

Anthem is due to launch February 22 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.