Publisher Numskull Games Formed with Plans to Bring Digital Only Titles to Retail

Publisher Numskull Games Formed with Plans to Bring Digital Only Titles to Retail

New publisher Numskull Games announced plans to bring new titles to digital and retail, but also aims to bring exisiting digital-only games to retail.

For those of you that enjoy video game, movie, TV show, and comic book merchandise, you’ve probably heard of Numskull Designs. Starting today the Numskull brand has announced that it is opening a games publishing company named Numskull Games. They have a focus on bringing new games to digital and retail, but also hope to bring existing digital-only titles to retail.

Numskull Games brands itself as being fast-paced, flexible, and vastly experienced. The games publisher will be co-operating with Rubber Road’s existing global reach and infrastructure. Rubber Road run three brands Numskull, Geekstore, and Appey Studios, and they work with licensed partners such as PlayStation, Disney, Bethesda, Bandai Namco and more. Rubber Road also boasts a populated distribution reach with Merchoid, GAME, GameStop, Amazon, eBay, and more.

Numskull Games aspires to bring new titles to both digital and physical storefronts and also plan to bring existing digital-only games to retail.

Leading Numskull Games will be Martin Defries, previously a founder and Managing Director of Rising Star Games from 2004 in which he remained for 15 years. From 2011 Defries was also the president of Rising Star Games Inc, the US Operating Office with over 100 titles under his belt. These titles ranging from platform holders such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. He also brought games such as Harvest Moon, No More Heroes, and Deadly Premonition to the West thanks to his knowledge and partnerships in Japan.

He also has an additional 35 years in the gaming industry and leaves a quote in the press release:

“Starting a new games publisher that integrates with the infrastructure and vast reach of the Rubber Road group is a compelling opportunity. Their resources and know-how mean that Numskull Games has the ability to promote, market, and sell games that take us beyond start-up immediately.”

“Further, by collaborating with Numskull Designs and their expertise, Numskull Games can offer a unique proposition to game studio partners. We already have a raft of exciting projects that will be announced in the coming weeks. The team here are keen to recruit further game content and expand our plans rapidly.”

In the recent past, we’ve seen Numskull Designs push official merchandise for popular titles such as Fallout 76, Resident Evil 2and the recently launched Anthem.

Numskull Games also state that they’re interested in hearing from developers who may be interested in pitching their games to them and can do so by getting in touch through their website.