Nurse Love Addiction the Romance Yuri Visual Novel Makes its Way to PlayStation Vita

on June 22, 2017 1:21 PM

Degica Games announced that the once PC exclusive Nurse Love Addiction is available now on PlayStation Vita-via PSN in North America and Europe.

The game follows Asuka Osachi who has just graduated high school and enrolls in Teito Nursing School along with her younger sister, Nao. On her first day there, Asuka meets two attractive female classmate, Itsuki and Sakuya, who seem to excel in everything she is lacking.

Sadly at first, Asuka is ignored by the other girls and treated poorly. However, after guidance of their instructor, Ms. Kaede, Asuka and Nao spend their busy days as nursing students. From classroom lectures and nurse basics to on-site training, the girls will grow together as both nurses and people…also there are romance scenes between the nurses.

The publisher details the features:

  • Branching story arcs and multiple endings depending on your choices
  • Bittersweet love between blossoming young ladies
  • Unique and rounded characters
  • Romantic illustrations featuring adolescent girls on their way to adulthood
  • Unexpected and surprising plot points that will keep you reading until the very end
  • The visual novel equivalent of ER: life, love and medicine!

DualShockers reviewed the game on PC and thought it was overall a good story of love, friendship, and yuri, giving it a 7/10.

You can check out some screenshots below:

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