Nutaku to Host Sekai Project’s Adult Visual Novels in a “Judgement-Free Zone”

on September 9, 2016 6:44 PM

Today, Nutaku announced their plans to work closer with Sekai Project on bringing the publishers localized games to the West in their original forms.

The company brings up how Sekai Project “labors under a burden of hypocrisy enforced by major players in the game distribution industry”. This is in reference to how the popular Steam store prevents uncensored games on their platform.

Additionally, Nutaku points out that a system like Steam is “unready for mature games” and that it hinders the hard work that Sekai Project puts in to localizing Japanese video games.

The company details the partnership:

Nutaku will take a significant role in distributing the adult versions of upcoming Sekai Project titles. Our platform will unreservedly serve as a means for fans of Sekai Project translations to get their hands on the full, uncensored version of their games. We’ll also be lending our voice to requests for adult versions of games, ensuring that Japanese developers can be confident in a judgement-free zone of enthusiasts waiting to enjoy the product of their labors.

Moving forward, Nutaku will host the adult version of Sekai Project’s upcoming ChronoClock.

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