NVIDIA Announces the GeForce Experience to Make Gaming Simpler

on April 29, 2012 2:00 PM

Have you ever loaded up a new game only to be frustrated by having to spend the next ten or twenty minutes tweaking the graphics settings? The people and NVIDIA seem to think that there are enough gamers out there plagued by the annoyance or complexity of it. After all, why does it have to be so complex when you can just stick a disk in your favorite console and go?

Of course, unlike consoles, no two PCs are the same, and some tweaking is often required for optimal performance. Using the new NVIDIA Experience software, your computer can connect to NVIDIA’s cloud network and compare it’s specs against those in the database, at which point the program will automatically configure the game’s settings for your system. Continue reading for more, including a release date.

The program will debut in June, and will be available free for download, though it will only work for systems using NVIDIA graphics cards. If the system is successful though, you can be sure that AMD will follow up with something similar soon. There’s no telling for sure if this system could encourage new gamers to go PC over consoles, but it’s¬†definitely¬†a step in the right direction. Oh, and for all you obsessive tweakers out there, thankfully the system won’t do anything to stop you from changing settings manually if you prefer.

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