Nvidia Enters Portable Gaming Arena

Nvidia Enters Portable Gaming Arena

Nvidia took time to announce not only the Tegra 4 processor but a portable gaming system that takes advantage of the new processor known as Project SHIELD.

The device is a controller similar to that of the Xbox 360 but has a 5-inch screen attached with an HDMI port for gaming at home. Project SHIELD is a pure Android device with access to Google Play and the ability to stream games from Nvidia powered PCs that will give access to Steam game libraries within the same Wi-F i network.

Its screen is capable of outputting 720p graphics with its multi-touch retina display and the Tegra 4’s Direct Touch technology. Tegra 4 will bring quad-core application from its CPU with new battery saving technology to provide hours of gameplay.

Companies such as Ubisoft and Epic Games are throwing their support behind the device and its ability to take advantage of both Android and Windows games.

This device looks like it is ready to start eating Ouya’s lunch but until a price point is announced no one can be sure how competitive this portable will be.