NVIDIA Makes Moves in Cloud Gaming

At the GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA has announced plans to enter the market of cloud gaming with the launch of the GeForce GRID cloud gaming platform. This will allow game streaming providers to stream next-generation games to be played on various devices without lag that can hamper gameplay.

GeForce GRID will give games a chance to play the latest and greatest games on any connected device, which can vary from TVs to smartphones and tablets. The technology is a stride toward making cloud more accessible for games who may not always have the time or computer specs to play some of the newest games.

GeForce GRID will use fast-frame capture, concurrent rendering, and single-pass encoding which means the game will stream fast and appear seamless as if playing directly off a computer or console. This will allow gamers everyone to feel like they have the biggest baddest gaming rig in the palm of their hands or on their TV and let’s be honest who here wouldn’t want a supercomputer capable of playing any game.

NVIDIA has many cloud gaming service providers working together with them including Gakai, Ubitus, and Playcast Media System. Developers have also shown support from the likes of Epic Games, Capcom, and THQ.

With technology quickly moving to the cloud, will physical media be heading the way of the dinosaurs in the near future? It does provide for interesting opportunities with mobile becoming a huge market and being able to play games like Diablo 3 does sound appetizing. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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