Nvidia Reveals New RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards, Availability Begins Later this Month

Nividia has now revealed the RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090, with each card boasting eye-melting visuals in their own right.

By Logan Moore

September 1, 2020

While many might be laser-focused on the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, Nvidia today held a new presentation that showed why you should be just as excited about the future of PC gaming.

As it typically does annually, Nvidia today held its latest stream to show fans what they can expect from graphics cards in the future with the brand’s new RTX 30 series lineup. In total, the company revealed three different models today, each of which are a bit different from one another.

The presentation kicked off the reveals by showcasing the RTX 3080, which Nvidia referred to as its new flagship graphics card. The 3080 is said to be the biggest generational leap that Nvidia has ever made and contains twice the performance of the 2080. The card will be available later this month on September 17 and will set you back a somewhat reasonable $699.

For those not looking to break the bank, however, Nvidia also unveiled the RTX 3070. While containing less power than the 3080, it is still markedly faster than the 2080 TI and is only going to retail for $499, which is a fantastic entry-level price. With this model, the need to purchase cards from the 20 series in the future is basically unneeded. While the RTX 3070 doesn’t have a release date yet, it’s said to be coming in October.

Lastly, for those with unlimited funds at their disposal, Nvidia also announced one final graphics card. The RTX 3090 will retail for $1499 and will be able to let games play at 60 frames per second while running at an 8K resolution. 8K itself isn’t even a standard yet, and in fact, Nvidia couldn’t even give an example of what the 3090 will be capable of via the live stream since the resolution isn’t attainable via video playback. While you’d definitely need to have a top of the line setup to even appreciate the RTX 3090, those with fat wallets can grab one beginning on September 24.

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All in all, Nvidia looks to continue pushing the graphics card space forward in meaningful ways, and they’re doing so while also finding a way to not increase the price as drastically as I personally thought they would. The RTX 3070, in particular, looks to really be a fantastic card for those looking to assemble their first PC any time soon.

So what do you think of these new RTX 30 series models? Will you be upgrading your own PC here in the near future? Let us know in the comments.

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