NVIDIA Shield is Coming Out For Real This Time

NVIDIA Shield is Coming Out For Real This Time

NVIDIA’s portable gaming contraption is set to come out earlier than you think!

Announced today, the Android powered gaming system is set for a July 31st release. Installed on each unit is a copy ofExpendable: Rearmed and Sonic 4 Episode II THD. Also included is the beta for NVIDIA’s game streaming service that lets you play PC games up in 720p.

Originally supposed to come out in June but was delayed claiming QA issues.

Considering the lukewarm reception of the OUYA, I’m curious to see how the Shield will do on the mobile market. Perhaps the demand for an Android powered console isn’t as high as we thought? The idea of streaming games in 720p and the addition of an HDMI out port seems pretty neat.

The priced of $299 seems a little steep for a handheld. I guess you need to treat this more as a mobile gaming console. Lets just hope the game streaming works as advertised!