NYCC 2013: New Characters, Costumes, and Mac Client Coming Soon for Marvel Heroes

on October 13, 2013 12:05 PM

This weekend at New York Comic-Con, Gazillion Entertainment was on-hand at the Marvel Video Games panel providing updates on the continuing development of their June 4th, 2013 title, Marvel Heroes. As the game continues to expand its roster, several new characters and costumes were announced to be on the way to the game in the coming weeks. The complete list of announced alternate uniforms, new heroes (along with some of their powers), can be found below:

Alternate Costumes

  • The Thing – Fear Itself Costume
  • Black Widow – Thunderbolts Costume
  • Deadpool – Lady Deadpool Costume
  • Thor – Beta Ray Bill Costume

New Characters

  • Luke Cage
  • Squirrel Girl (Powers include: Squirrelpocalypse, Squirrel Special Forces, Hulkbuster Squirrel)

The X-Men’s Danger Room will also be making an appearance in the game as the setting for a hoard mode. The developers modeled the scenario to be unwinnable, and cited Star Trek‘s Kobayashi-Maru exam as a chief referenceh. The developers also added that there will be an Asgard Expansion global event that will commence with the release of the feature film, Thor: The Dark World, later this yeae. The aforementioned Beta Ray Bill costume will be included in the expansion.

Marvel Heroes was developed by Gazillion Entertainment along with Secret Identity Studios and was published for the PC on June 4th, 2013. The developers revealed that a Mac client is in development and should be ready by Christmas 2013.

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