NYCC 2013: The GTA V Panel Was as Hilarious and Epic as You’d Imagine

on October 12, 2013 3:28 PM

The Grand Theft Auto V panel at NYCC was a gathering of passionate fans and the amazing motion capture actors: Ned Luke who plays Michael, Shawn “Solo” Fonteno who plays Franklin and Steven Ogg who plays Trevor. The panel naturally began with a bang, as Ogg threw T-shirts into the audience, riling them up for handouts and autographs for a good several minutes.

The first question the actors were asked was how there first got involved with the game and their feelings on it. Fonteno felt that “it was an honor to be here” and Ogg reportedly said, upon seeing the script, that “ain’t nobody else doing it.” Luke elaborated on the experience itself as being “really intense and very physical.” Apparently the actors auditioning for the role took it very seriously, which is a great thing.

Next up, the actors were asked about the nature of their relationship with the group of workers. It seems that Fonteno thinks highly of his fellow colleagues, as he warmly said that Luke is like “a brother from another mother” and Ogg is the “father he never had,” although initially it was weird at first, for him, because they both had “different colored skin.”

Luke enjoyed the relationship he had between the other two actors and Ogg actually brought up an interesting point: the motion capture staff team were, according to him, “these genius kids” that came up with unique and creative ways to represent certain objects in the game, such as using apple crates to represent trailer steps.

Later on, Luke and Fonteno reinforced the fact that the gig required large amounts of imagination because other than the occasional prop, there was nothing in the room. Ogg adds that the script for GTA V is brilliant and that it could have easily been 3500 pages.


After the main questions, there was a Q&A session with the fans doling out the questions. One question asked the actors if they could pick any other character from any game to voice, who would they choose. Fonteno, unsurprisingly, would voice CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He even hinted at a future event with CJ and Franklin, but the details remain a mystery. Ogg wants to voice Mario from the Super Mario Bros. series. Luke, answering in true Trevor fashion, would play the Blue Ghost from Pacman.

Trevor’s actor was also asked how he felt about the infamous torture scene, in which he replied that since “it was one of the most technical scenes [in the game] so I didn’t feel much about it.” He had to concentrate so intensely on pulling off the difficult scene that he had no time to feel outraged, upset or really any other emotion.

One of the highlights of the panel included a fan requesting Luke to shout “Go f*ck yourself!” in Trevor’s voice. Which he obliged. And it was awesome.

You can check out the audio for the panels below, courtesy of Staff Writer David Rodriguez’s recordings. They had to be separated into two parts due to length.

GTA V Panel Part One:

GTA V Panel Part Two:

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