NYCC 2010: Impressions: Lost in Shadow + Bomberman Live Battlefest+ Mega Man Universe

I was fortunate enough to spend a good while at the Hudson and Capcom booths at Comic Con last week. Despite the comic book riddled show floor, these video games made their presence known.Hit the break for impressions on two of Hudson’s upcoming titles, as well as the anticipated Mega Man Universe entry from Capcom.

Lost in Shadow

I was happy to get my hands on Lost in Shadow this past weekend at NYCC. I had been hearing about the game ever since we broke the box art back in June. This Wii exclusive platformer seems to have a lot going on with it. After approaching the fabulous Hudson booth, the good staff introduced me to the game and the controls.

Basically, you play as a shadow and everything that you need to concern yourself with is also a shadow. The game wears this incredible art style and the lush green foliage is attractive, but it is not easy to watch as your shadow creeps along the shadows of the platforms instead of the comforting physical platforms.

As I ran and jumped along the shadows, I encountered numerous rifts which I could interact with. These rifts would in return disclose a short, cryptic message about the main characters past or soul. After reading the “memory”, the game would inform you that your soul had gained weight.

This was an interesting mechanic in my opinion, because I assumed that as you collected memories and spiritual weight, the character would become fully realized. I would have liked to have seen the character because he or she had an interesting shape. Maybe a small child?

There were also a good number of traps being showcased in the level, and many of them nailed me. They too were only shadows, and you really don’t notice them until you fall, which was neat because I then had to look for them as I ran. All in all, this game is at least very interesting.

I am so infatuated with games that actually manage to diversify themselves from others in their respective genres that Lost in Shadow had snagged me with its looks alone. I can’t wait to see what else it has up its sleeves. Regarding shwag, they gave me a Deca Sports wrist dangly.

Bomberman Live Battlefest

I’ve played Bomberman games ever since I was a kid. They’ve always possessed the perfect mix of challenge and simplicity…no different from Tetris or Pac-Man. I had an explosively good time at the Bomberman booth.

The staff and I must have played at least ten games before I left their particularly cozy leather sofa. So the game kicks off in classic Bomberman fashion: You and three competitors are placed randomly in a maze of blocks, which you must traverse by dropping bombs and blowing your way out.

Thing is, your enemies will can and will bomb you and take you out of the game. This time, I noticed a huge amount of new power ups. First was the scatter bomb which exploded into four more bombs which then blew up in sync. There was also the new laser bomb which creates a laser spanning an entire column that temporarily stuns whoever is hit by it.

I also got to play in three game modes: one was a capture the flag mode which the staff assured me had been inspired by popular first person shooters. There was another game mode in which you can try to take out the person who knocked you out to get yourself back in, and the last game mode was classic; my uncontested favorite.

This game will be hitting the Xbox Arcade first, and then at an undisclosed time thereafter, moving to other platforms. As a fan of Bomberman, I really enjoyed my time there and as I said earlier, it didn’t help that they had possibly the most comfortable seat in the building. The shwag was an awesome Bomberman blow-up toy. It’s a bomb you creep, what’d you think?

Mega Man Universe

There was a considerable line behind the Mega Man Universe stand. I could see why from behind five people. The game was clearly Mega Man…the platforming, the combat, the environments. But it wore a striking new graphical style: 3D.

That’s right; they’ve dumped the series’ more than 20 year history of pixilated 2D retro graphics for fresh new modern flavor. The attendee asked me as I approached “Have you played Mega Man games before?” I told him I did, but that I wasn’t a particular fan of the games tough as nails play style.

He responded “I’m glad you said that, because this game has been specially crafted to be much more accessible and enjoyable audiences.” This made me laugh at how clever the attendee was. If I had said I loved past MM games, he would have just said “Then you’ll love this too!”

Anyway, the game played very much like an MM game but it was noticeably easier. The enemies died swiftly and they didn’t run circles around you pelting you every few nanoseconds with projectiles like they absolutely hated you. Also, the new graphics made the game easier to look at.

The crisp backgrounds actually attracted my attention for a change, and I noticed a flashing billboard I passed read “New York Comic Con 2010”. This intrigued me and when I asked the attendee he said that you could create your own stages in the game, and create custom decorations like the billboard.

This was also fairly interesting. Summarily, the level that I played was quite linear and very MM, but considering the series’ popularity, I can’t say I disliked that. Not only that, but obvious changes had been made to make the game more appealing and I don’t see how that can be anything but good for the series,

considering its had gamers smashing their controllers since before most of these new hotshot hardcore titles were even ideas. The game will hit the PS3 and the Xbox but I can’t see why it wouldn’t also be on the Wii. The awesome shwag I picked up included a Mega Man Universe blow-up saber and behind the booth: an attendee giving out  Dead Rising 2 figurines!

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