Oasis Games Talks Sony’s Involvement When Publishing on PlayStation VR and Physical Releases in the Future

on October 14, 2016 7:58 PM

Oasis Games hosted a Reddit AMA earlier today where the Chinese publisher took time to answer questions gamers had about publishing games for PlayStation VR.

The publisher is currently releasing a handful of titles for PlayStation VR with the first release being Ace Banana, available now. When a user asked Oasis how helpful Sony Interactive Entertainment has been when it comes to support for PlayStation VR developers, the publisher responded:

For the support that Sony is giving to developers, I can speak for China and I know the local SIE office is trying their best to support local indie developers from all sorts of different ways including funding, education, and collaboration. It is quite exciting to be in this industry right now.

Evidently, there is a lot of focus on developing games for PlayStation VR in China right now as Oasis states, “We come from China, and you will be surprised if you saw how many developers are working in China on VR games now. We have seen a lot of passionate devs and tried a lot of fun, quirky, weird and interesting demos with diverse genres.”

Additionally, when asked about releasing their games on physical media the publishers teases, “Currently all of our games digital only titles, but actually a retail presence is on the way! Hopefully not too far in the future.”

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