Obsessed Much? Couple Creates Horde-themed Bathroom

Obsessed Much? Couple Creates Horde-themed Bathroom


We all know World of Warcraft can be more of an obsession for some, instead of just a simple game, but one couple might have taken that to the next level. They’ve remodeled a bathroom in their home to look like something you’d walk into in Azeroth, assuming you’re of the Horde variety. According to their post about it on the official World of Warcraft forums, they’ve been playing WoW together for five years. This is after they both met back playing Diablo on the original Battle.net in 1997. Talk about love, how sweet.

My wife and I…decided to remodel our bathroom following something of a HORDE motif.  Both my wife and I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor (and yes, we did ALL the work–nothing was contracted).

You can check out the rest of the pics on their PhotoBucket account, but the one above should give you an idea. I think it’s pretty cool myself, but I sure would be afraid of spending long periods of time…er, um…so, which faction has Tol Barad right now?