Obsidian Acquires Pathfinder Rights, Working On Adventure Card Game

After some initial speculation about a potential teaming of Obsidian Entertainment and Pazio Publishing to create a Pathfinder video game leaked yesterday, we now have official confirmation of the two companies plans.

Obsidian Entertainment has announced that they successfully agreed upon a long-term licensing partnership with Paizo in order to produce electronic games base on the popular pen-and-paper game, Pathfinder. “At Obsidian we have a long history of working with the greatest RPG franchises, and we’re thrilled to get to play in the Pathfinder universe now,” said CEO Feargus Urquhart in an official statement.  “We’re huge fans and can’t wait to bring what we do in the electronic gaming world to Pathfinder fans everywhere.”

The first game in this partnership is slated to be a tablet game based on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, featuring cooperative play for up to four participants. Players each utilize a unique character with a deck of cards based around them in addition to a set of stats. You’ll find all sorts of staples like the fighter, rogue, wizard and cleric, and customize them to fit your desired playstyle.

Obsidian will be exhibiting at Gen Con 2014 in Indiana this weekend to give fans an early taste of the prototype they are currently working on, in addition to giving the first public hands on of their successful Kickstarter project, Pillars of Eternity.

Are you excited for Pathfinder video games coming from Obsidian? Let me know in the comments below.

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