Obsidian Busy With Multiple Projects

Hot of the heels of Fallout New Vegas and with the impending release of Dungeon Siege III, Obsidian isn’t taking any down time. It seems they have multiple projects on their plate including an unnamed new IP for XBLA, a licensed title that they haven’t name dropped yet, and are expressing interest into moving into the “Free to play” market. In an interview with Game Revolution, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart had this to say;

“We’re also working on an original IP XBLA game, so that hopefully will be out first quarter next year. It’ll be an action RPG that’s focused on fun, not Dungeon Seige, it’s quite a bit different in a different genre with a different camera.
There actually is another game that I can’t talk about at all… it’s a licensed product but when people hear about it, they’re going to be ‘Well you had to do that. There’s no option. If I was a developer and I was offered that I would just do it’.”

Any thoughts on what this licensed game could be? I’m guessing it’s either an Adventure Time video game, or possibly Game of Thrones which has a series headed to HBO this year. Also, how awesome of a name is “Feargus Urquhart”? Sounds like something out of a Tolkien book.

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