Obsidian Takes to Twitter with an Intriguing Teaser

Obsidian Takes to Twitter with an Intriguing Teaser

Obsidian Entertainment, the developer responsible for memorable gaming experiences like Fallout: New Vegas and Dungeon Siege III, is teasing something over on their Twitter page.

The developer made the following post earlier today:

The post does not include any further information, such as what game this teaser is for or when a full reveal will alleviate the mystery, but it has certainly got fans chatting.

The loudest theory is that the image is teasing a project related to the Pillars of Eternity franchise. The last related release was The White March – Part II which released in February of 2016; I’d say that was long enough ago that another installment in the acclaimed series seems totally feasible.

The line included in the image is quite thought provoking; it sounds like the speaker has done something to anger God and is just now coming upon not forgiveness but a reckoning. Truly, for most, reality seldom lives up to dreams.

Hopefully we won’t have to theorize about what Obsidian is teasing for much longer.