Obsidian Entertainment is Revealing a New Game Next Week at The Game Awards

Obsidian Entertainment is Revealing a New Game Next Week at The Game Awards

Obsidian and publisher Private Division are gearing up to announce a new project during next week's installment of The Game Awards.

Hot off the heels of announcing their acquisition by Microsoft Studios, it seems that Obsidian Entertainment is now gearing up to announce a new project next week during The Game Awards 2018.

As revealed by Geoff Keighley over on Twitter, this game will be an RPG (of course) and will be published by Private Division, a company that has previously published Kerbal Space Program. Even though Obsidian now belongs to Microsoft Studios, it’s likely that this game was already far enough into development that Microsoft let Obsidian finish out any current deals that they may have struck before being purchased.

If you head over to Obsidian’s official website right now, you’ll be met with one of two different countdown timers with one saying to wait for an announcement from “Spacer’s Choice” and the other from “Auntie Cleo’s.” If you skip each countdown, you’re met with another promotional image, each for different products–one a futuristic-looking gun and another being grooming products–that these fictional companies are seemingly trying to sell. You’ll also hear a quick jingle for each item that sounds like it was recorded on a vinyl record. I’m getting some serious Fallout and Bioshock vibes so far from whatever this game is. You can check out the aforementioned pics attached in the gallery down below.

There are a lot of planned new announcements for The Game Awards next week, but this RPG has definitely caught my attention and I can’t wait to learn more about it. Be sure to tune in to The Game Awards next Thursday at 8:30 PM EST to learn more about whatever this game might be.