Obsidian Wants to Send Physical Copies to Backers… Without a Disc

Obsidian Wants to Send Physical Copies to Backers… Without a Disc

Obsidian have an unusual proposal for the backers of their Kickstarter-funded game, Pillars of Eternity.

The developers are pondering whether to send out physical copies of the game, though with one little omission: the game disc itself. The developer explains that players who pledged enough to be included in the physical reward tier would still be given a digital copy to be redeemed on Steam or GOG as well as all of the physical bits and bobs that would have come with the disc.

There are two things we feel we could do that would help mitigate these concerns:
We ship everything out except the game disc, which we then ship to you after finalizing the 1.0 version. Wait a minute, Darren. That sounds crazy. You’re going to ship me a game with NO DISC inside at first?!
Here’s why we think that’s good: Anyone who pledged to a physical reward tier will get a digital copy. You’ll be able to get a Steam or GOG.com key on our site and play the game at the same time as everyone else. You’d be able to take out your Collector’s Guidebook, your cloth map, your mousepad and enjoy all of it at the same you’re playing Pillars of Eternity.

Obsidian are still offering the opportunity to have the physical disc produced, but they warn that players may face a longer wait.

Alternatively, we delay shipping everything out to you once we have the final 1.0 version ready. For some parts of the world, this could mean a delay of some real significance. Not just a week or two, but multiple weeks after it’s released.

Obsidian want to know what you want, so if you backed Pillars of Eternity, head on over to the forums and make yourself heard.