Obsidian's Grounded Gets Launch Trailer During Xbox Games Showcase

The shrunken down co-op survival game hits Xbox One and PC on July 28 via the early access Xbox Game Preview program.

Grounded isn’t the biggest game of the year, both in concept and anticipation, but that’s not stopping Obsidian from having fun with it.

The co-op survival game, where you and up to three friends are shrunken down and have to defend yourself from suddenly much bigger insects, received a new trailer during Thursday’s Xbox Games Showcase.

Check it out below, but strong warning to the arachnophobic:

Like the trailer says, Cyberpunk this is not (the self-awareness is pretty charming here), and Grounded itself is a departure for Obsidian, a developer known for its work on RPGs more than anything else. The focus this time is on teamwork, gathering resources, crafting weapons and tools, and building bases to explore and defend from a world seen at a completely different perspective.

Grounded will hit Xbox One and PC on July 28 (next Tuesday) in an early access state via the Xbox Game Preview program. It will also come to Xbox Series X through Smart Delivery when the console launches this fall.

If you’re hesitant about the game because of certain enemies you’ll encounter, don’t worry, Obsidian is aware and has you covered.

Grounded wasn’t the only Obsidian highlight from Thursday’s showcase. The Outer Worlds’ DLC got confirmed for Sept. 9, and Avowed, a new fantasy RPG set in the Pillars of Eternity universe, was unveiled.

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