Obsidian’s “Project Eternity” Rakes in Nearly $4 Million via Kickstarter

on October 16, 2012 9:01 PM

If you’ve been following Obsidian’s new Kickstarter project, dubbed Project Eternity, I’m sure you’re aware how awesome their backers are, donating just under $4 million in the span of a few weeks (the exact number is $3,986,194 via Kickstarter, the highest project there ever). The project goal was stated at $1.1 million, so an ending total nearly four times that is pretty impressive.

Project Eternity aims to be a top-down RPG, the likes of the titles Obsidian made a name for themselves developing, and each milestone along the way has basically “upgraded” the final game. Things like additional playable races, classes, crafting abilities, player housing and a second major hub city have all been “unlocked” for inclusion into the game based off the amount of funds donated during these past weeks.

Late today, with only hours to go, Obsidian added a last goal, that of hitting that $4 million mark, at which point they would enhance the entire game, including things like live¬†instrumentation¬†on the game’s soundtrack and in-game developer commentary. Via Kickstarter, that lofty additional goal was not reached, however they do have PayPal donations available direct from their site that they may add in to the total to bump things over the top.

Now that the project is more than funded, it’ll be fun to watch it progress to its goal release time frame of Spring 2014, and it will also be nice to have another great top-down RPG on the market aside from the over-hyped big title (which I won’t mention here, but you can figure out) and the excellent, although short, Torchlight II. A new IP of this sort, directed at old-school gamers and with some awesome backing, is definitely most welcome.

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