Ocarina of Time Fan Art Turns Enemies into Nightmare Fuel

The Dead Hand will never leave my brain.

By Jo Craig

August 4, 2021

The Legend of Zelda fans do not need to be reminded of the ReDeads or Zant’s Hand from Twilight Princess, because those enemies are probably ingrained in their nightmares already. Thanks to some new horror-themed fan art, more Zelda enemies can be added to your troubled psyche.

Older video games will often harbor antagonists that grow scarier in time, but some are terrifying from beginning to end. There will never be anything comforting about the Skulltulas or Dead Hand – the mini boss from Ocarina of Time’s Shadow Temple – and thanks to this artist, horrifying just reached a whole new level.

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This realistic interpretation of the classic skeletal warriors from Ocarina of Time features deadly details in the bone work and the metallic shield. The blood on the end of the sword is a nice touch too.

Andres Rios


These hooded wraiths are more PG-rated in the game, but this fan art piece depicts one of the scariest grim reaper-styled creatures imaginable. The glowing eyes, material texture and woodland setting add to the atmosphere, and it wouldn’t be complete without the lantern.

Andres Rios

Dead Hand

This memorable antagonist looks like something you would find in a music video for the band Tool, made ten times more horrifying by its realistic coloring and blood-dripping mouth. The Bent-Neck Lady from The Haunting of Hill House better watch out.

Andres Rios


This classic Ocarina of Time foe is designed to be terrifying in-game, and can drop down on you in an instant – much like the real-life insects. This fan art piece, however, harnesses the creature’s disturbing qualities that will certainly make arachnophobes’ skin crawl.

Andres Rios

Other characters in the artist’s Zelda series include the ReDeads and the Cyclopean shadow spirit Bongo Bongo. 

Meet the Artist

  • Andres Rios is a freelance concept artist, digital sculptor and character-creature designer from Guadalajara, Mexico.

The artist creates impressive character concepts that could easily be found in any Dark Souls game. From Demon Goats to gothic, cybernetic Batman, Rios’ portfolio of work is beautifully gothic and painfully realistic when recreating some iconic horror characters.

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