Occultic;Nine Gets New Screenshots and Gameplay Details on Famitsu

Occultic;Nine Gets New Screenshots and Gameplay Details on Famitsu

Mages released new screenshots and details for their visual novel adaptation of Occultic;Nine, coming digitally to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One on September 28 in Japan.

Occultic;Nine will feature an original story that centers around Yuta Gamon, a NEET with a plan to get rich off of passionate believers of occult supernatural entities. His plan: to set up a blog and post about these ghostly occurrences while including affiliate links to products.

During story scenes players will interact with characters and have the option to memorize phrases or words. These words are usually interesting enough to create a blog about. To create an article, players will select the subject, subword, and main image. This will create a branch in the story that triggers various events.

Characters confirmed to be in the game:

  • Yuta Gamon
  • Ryoka Narusawa
  • Kiryu Kusakabe
  • Touko Sumikaze
  • Miyuu Aikawa
  • Ririka Nishizono
  • Shun Moritsuka
  • Sarai Hashigami
  • Asuna Kisaki

Even though some events are light hearted, the screenshots show that there are some dark scenes throughout the game’s story, these are ghosts we’re dealing with.

It was recently revealed that the game will be digital-only in Japan. Also, the teaser website has officially been launched.

There is no word of if the game will receive a western release.

you can check out the screenshots from scans below: