The Occupation Will be Available at Retail When it Tests Your Journalistic Skills This October

The Occupation Will be Available at Retail When it Tests Your Journalistic Skills This October

White Paper Games announced today that they are partnering with Sold Out to release The Occupation physically on PS4 and Xbox One October 9.

Last year, Ether One developer White Paper Games announced The Occupation, a politically fueled first-person investigation game where players control a whistleblowing journalist. Humble Bundle came on board as publisher last year, and today we learned that The Occupation will be getting a physical release and hitting store shelves on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 9.

The physical versions of The Occupation are being produced with the help of Sold Out, who have assisted with the physical release of games like Yoku’s Island Express and the upcoming Overcooked 2. The game will be available physically on PS4 and Xbox One on October 9, the same day the digital versions release


Sarah Hoeksma, Marketing Director at Sold Out, commented on assisting with The Occupation’s physical release:

“We’re delighted to be bringing The Occupation to physical retail later this year. It’s one of those games which grips you from the moment you start, the fact that it’s real-time is a fantastic point of difference leading to a captivating experience unlike anything else this year.”

Meanwhile, White Paper Games’ Co-Founder and Designer Pete Bottomley discussed his studio’s partnership with Sold Out:

“Partnering with Sold Out has been a huge opportunity for us to let even more players around the world experience our work. It’s been a long journey and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved considering we’re still a small team. We can’t wait to see how people resonate with The Occupation and we’re even more excited now that we have a release date!”

For those of you curious about the game’s plot, it follows a journalist who is investigating a deadly explosion that caused a controversial rights-violating act to be passed by the British government. Players must decide between taking a more direct but risky or safe but time consuming approach to solving the case.

The Occupation also runs in real-time, meaning time management is crucial, and that players may have to make decisions without having all the correct information at their disposal. It is certainly an interesting concept, and one Pete Bottomley delved into during an interview with DualShockers last year.

The Occupation will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 9, and you can currently pre-order it digitally straight from the pubilsher Humble Bundle’s storefront. 


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