Oceanhorn Gets New First-Look Video of it Running on Nintendo Switch; 60 FPS Confirmed

Oceanhorn Gets New First-Look Video of it Running on Nintendo Switch; 60 FPS Confirmed

Back in January, publisher FDG Entertainment announced that its Zelda-esq action-adventure game, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, was coming to Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. Today, FDG showcased, for the first time, the game running on the Switch via a new video.

The new video specifically provides an actual look of someone playing the game on the Switch in Handheld mode. Speaking of Handheld mode, FDG also confirmed that the game runs at 60fps in both Handheld and Docked Mode. The latter at a resolution of 1080p, and the aforementioned at a resolution of 720p.

FDG Entertainment also points out that Nintendo Switch build, like the PS4 and Xbox One build, is based on the remastered PC version.

First time hearing about Oceanhorn: Monsters of Uncharted Seas? No problem: here’s an overview via its Steam page:

You wake up and find a letter from your father. He is gone… The only lead is his old notebook and a mysterious necklace. What happened?

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas combines captivating storytelling, breathtaking 3D visuals and exciting gameplay into one epic action-adventure experience. In the game you explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, a world filled with many dangers, puzzles and secrets. You must fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures, which will help you on your quest. Use all of your wits and skill to unravel the mysteries of the ancient kingdom of Arcadia and the sea monster, Oceanhorn.


– 15+ hours of story driven gameplay
– Master magic and swordfight
– Find ancient items to help you on your quest
– Steam Achievements and Leaderboards
– Steam Cloud
– Steam Trading Cards
– Full controller support
– Enchanting original soundtrack

Oceanhorn: Monsters of Uncharted Seas is currently available on mobile devices, PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4. It is also coming to PS Vita.

Below, you can check out the new video: