Octane Jump Pad Nerf May Affect Gameplay in Apex Legends

Can you still complete the Olympus rotation?

September 16, 2021

With the beginning of Apex Legends‘ Season 10 Evolution Collection Event, Octane’s famous jump pad seems to be on the short end of the stick. Though it has received previous nerfs, developers and players believe it was still too overpowered.

Since his introduction in Season One, Octane is most known for his useful jump pad. While his stim is helpful, the pad assists the team as well as himself, which is why many players tend to use him.

Out of all legends, Octane continues to be the most popular and most picked legend in the game. Currently, there are 16 legends available to play with in Apex Legends. A huge factor that makes him so popular is the use of his pad. Despite the developers constantly nerfing it, players have found a way to work with it each time.

Apex Legends: Emergence Battle Pass Trailer

Apex Legends: Emergence Battle Pass Trailer

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Once you play Apex Legends on a regular basis, you may have heard about this rotation technique. With Octane’s jump pad, you are allowed to jump over a railing, underneath a scaffolding (like you’re going to fall off the map) and then perfectly land on the other side. This prevents you and your time from having to go around and possibly an opponent attacking you.

It may seem as though this nerf would affect this technique. However, Reddit user, WhosButWhyTho, showcased that it is indeed still possible, just with a slight change.

As showcased in the video, users simply have to throw down the pad in an exact specific location in order to complete this famous rotation technique. Once done correctly, the user should be able to make it to the other side with no issue whatsoever.


Upon the release of the Evolution Collection Collection event, patch notes showcased that Octane would receive the following nerfs:

  • Reduced the rate of Octane’s stim regeneration from 1.5 to 1.0 hp/sec
  • Reduced jump pad horizontal distance by 10 – 15%

Though these changes may seem small, they affect gameplay more than one may notice. Would Octane be at risk for receiving another nerf, considering some may still consider him overpowered? Or would the developers buff him as Octane mains complain about these nerfs?

Only time will tell.

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