Octopath Traveler Dragon Quest? Dragon Quest 3 Remake Revealed, DQ1,2 HD-2D Remakes Teased

Dragon Quest 3 Remake with the Octopath Traveler engine

May 27, 2021

During the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary livestream, Square Enix revealed Dragon Quest 3 Remake, using the same graphics engine as Octopath Traveler, and Yuji Horii also teased more remakes to come, here’s what we learned.

Dragon Quest 3 Remake reveal trailer

Dragon Quest 3 Remake is a pixel art 2D game using the same HD-2D graphics that are used in Octopath Traveler and Project Triangle Strategy. The game is in fact officially titled Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake.

The game is developed by AMATA K.K. & Team Asano. Team Asano refers to projects lead by Tomoya Asano, the producer of both the Bravely Default series and the Octopath Traveler series. Both series have different development teams though, and it’s likely Dragon Quest 3 Remake is by yet another team. Possibly Spike Chunsoft, as their trademark is included in the trailer. The producer explained that both oldtime fans who played the original game and newcomers will be able to enjoy the game.


Dragon Quest 3 Remake platforms, release date

Square Enix did not reveal the platforms for the game yet. In his message, game producer Masaaki Hayasaka said “the release is still ahead”. However, Square Enix also confirmed Dragon Quest 3 Remake will have a worldwide simultaneous release. For now, the game is still in development, and no platforms were specified besides that “Dragon Quest 3 Remake is coming to consoles”.

Octopath Traveler feel Dragon Quest 1 and Dragon Quest 2 remakes coming too?

Yuji Horii also talked about how he really wants to make Dragon Quest 1 and Dragon Quest 2 HD-2D remakes too, but it’s not set in stone yet.

It’s important to note the three games form a trilogy, with Dragon Quest 2 taking place after 1, and Dragon Quest 3 being a prequel to both games.

You can find the producer message alongside the discussion with Yuji Horii mentioning other remakes at the 48:18 timestamp of the live stream linked below. More details will be coming at a later date on the Dragon Quest series Twitter.

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