Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe Taking on New Role to Head VR Development Team in Company

December 14, 2016

After its launch earlier this year, Oculus has helped to bring PC owners into the world of virtual reality with its Oculus Rift headset, with the company seeing some internal change-ups and new leadership roles in place to continue its march toward the future.

In a blog post from the company’s official website, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe has announced that following his role in helping to launch the Oculus Rift headset earlier this year, Iribe will be stepping down from the CEO position and will instead take on a new role to lead development for PC VR experiences within the company.

Specifically, Iribe will be heading a new team devoted to development and creating new virtual reality experiences/titles within Oculus, with Iribe stating that “looking ahead and thinking about where I’m most passionate, I’ve decided to lead the PC VR group – pushing the state of VR forward with Rift, research, and computer vision.” Iribe explained further in the blog post:


“You do your best work when you love what you’re working on. If that’s not the case, you need to make a change. With this new role, I can dive back into engineering and product development. That’s what gets me up every day, inspired to run to work.”

Alongside Iribe’s new role within the company, Oculus team member Jon Thomason will also be taking on a new leadership position to head development of VR mobile experiences for Oculus in a new devision – CTO John Carmack will also be continuing in his role working on mobile experiences for the company.

Oculus confirmed with Game Informer that Oculus head Palmer Luckey, who has had a lack of public appearances in recent months due to controversy surrounding his endorsement of various online political groups, will also be taking on a new role within the company, though no more specific information was provided by Oculus at this time.

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