Oculus Quest 2 Facebook Integration is Already Proving to be a Nightmare for Some Early Adopters

Oculus Quest 2 Facebook Integration is Already Proving to be a Nightmare for Some Early Adopters

Oculus Quest 2 units have essentially become bricks for some purchasers thanks to the new Facebook log-in function.

Oculus came under a bit of fire a few months back when it announced that all of its headsets would soon be required to log-in via a Facebook account in order to utilize. With Facebook being the parent company of Oculus, the move made a bit of sense, but many folks (myself included) could see the downsides of such an implementation coming from a mile away. Well, with the Oculus Quest 2 now being released this week, the downsides of this integration are becoming quite apparent.

According to one alleged testimony from u/weavster over on Reddit, their new Oculus Quest 2 essentially became a brick thanks to the Facebook log-in feature. This user says that they bought the Quest 2 this week, and as a result, they had to make a Facebook account because they didn’t previously have one. Despite using their real identity when making the account, Facebook quickly banned the account, apparently thinking that it was a fake. As a result, they couldn’t use their Quest 2 whatsoever and were  also locked out of their Oculus account, which they previously merged with the newly-made FB profile.

Despite sending in a photo ID to Facebook for verification purposes to unlock the account, a message that the user received said that the decision “can’t be reversed.” Essentially, the Oculus Quest 2 has become a fancy piece of $300 tech that they now can’t do anything with.

Facebook account banned within 10 minutes, reviewed and cannot be reversed. from r/OculusQuest

A supporting report from Upload VR has said that this purchaser isn’t alone, either. This seems to be something that is happening to many other early adopters of the Quest 2, which has to be downright maddening to say the least. Facebook reportedly says that the number of people that are dealing with this problem are small in number, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less frustrating in the first place.

It seems like Facebook should be able to rectify this problem for those dealing with it, but just how soon those fixes might come about is the larger question. In the interim, some purchasers are said to just be outright returning the Oculus Quest 2, and honestly, I can’t blame them. This whole situation, even if it’s happening on a smaller scale, is something that will surely burn a lot of prospective customers, so Facebook needs to iron this out quickly.