Oculus Rift Sells 25,000 Units of Their Second Generation Dev-Kit

on April 15, 2014 11:54 AM

Oculus, the (formerly) independent VR company, that no one saw coming, has sold an impressive number of its second-generation developer kits.

The company announced to TechCrunch that they have sold 25,000 models since the pre-orders came available less than a month ago. For a non-consumer product the sales have defied the expectations of the developers and is currently selling for $350.

The company was forced to alter the Oculus Rift’s design slightly when components needed for the first generation of developer kits became stopped being manufactured. The pace of these sales, so far, has out performed the original release, which before itsĀ  discontinuation would move over 60,000 units in total.

With no firm release date set for the Oculus Rift and even larger expectations set since a very public purchase by Facebook, the significance of these sales is hard to measure. Whatever the outcome of the retail release, these numbers continue to push the hype behind one of the first consoles to mount directly to the face.