Oculus Rift Thriller Title Wilson’s Heart Release Date Revealed

Oculus Rift Thriller Title Wilson’s Heart Release Date Revealed

Wilson's Heart is an Oculus Rift VR title with Touch support and a release date that is quite near. With a noir style and talented actors voicing the title's characters, this seems to be one VR game to watch for.

April 25 is the day that proud owners of an Oculus Rift can expect to download Twisted Pixel’s VR title, Wilson’s Heart.

Promised to be a full-length video game experience for VR clocking in at around eight hours to complete, Wilson’s Heart follows Robert Wilson, the patient of a 1940’s mental institution who wakes up after undergoing treatment to find his heart has been removed and replaced with something else.

The style of Wilson’s Heart is described as a psychological thriller inspired by black and white noir films. In it, players must navigate the haunting corridors of the seemingly-abandoned hospital, and sometimes do battle with the environment’s more nasty residents while utilizing Touch controls.

The game’s performances sound equally impressive with Rosario Dawson (Sin City), Alfred Molina (Raiders of the Lost Ark), and Peter Weller (RoboCop) ranking as some of the announced voice actors to be joining the game’s cast with more announcements to come as the launch date looms nearer.

Interested in learning more about Wilson’s Heart? Check out the teaser trailer below or give the game’s website a gander.