Oddworld: Soulstorm Gets New Trailer and Details at PS5 Showcase

Oddworld: Soulstorm Gets New Trailer and Details at PS5 Showcase

Abe's perilous journey continues on the PS5, with new details and features coming to light.

Oddworld is a notoriously strange series. Starting on the PlayStation 1 with Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssee, you play as Abe, an alien creature, who has to platform and solve puzzles to try and escape his captors. The latest entry into the series, Oddworld: Soulstorm, was revealed back in June as part of Sony’s first PS5 showcase. While we got a beautiful cinematic trailer, little else was shared about the game.

That was until last night, when during the latest PS5 showcase we got a fresh gameplay trailer and some more details from the PlayStation blog.

The trailer was equal part brutal and hilarious, as is to be expected from an Oddworld game. It shows off the typical platforming sections we’ve come to expect from the series, coupled with some vicious deaths and the return of Molluck, one of the franchise’s main antagonists.

Sony shared some more juicy details about the game in a blog post that followed Oddworld’s spot in the showcase. The game will take full advantage of many of the PS5’s new features. As well as having “stunning graphical fidelity”, Oddworld Soulstorm will use the 3D audio to put “you in the middle of the action, as if you are right next to Abe helping him and his fellow Mudokons escape.” And the game will also take advantage of the DualSense controller, as you feel Abe’s heart palpitations and the triggers adapt to Abe’s struggles.

The blog post also reveals that the game will have a “quarma” system in which every action you take will have “real time consequences and accrue throughout the game in immediately noticeable and conscious ways.”

That wasn’t all that was revealed at last night’s showcase. Sony shared both the price and release date of the PS5 as well as some awesome gameplay of Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon Souls and the reveal of both Final Fantasy XVI and Hogwarts Legacy.