Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Trophies Now Live, Another Sea of Bronze

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Trophies Now Live, Another Sea of Bronze

The trophies for Odin Sphere Leifthrasir are now live via PSN Profiles. There are 48 total trophies, split between the platinum, four gold, three silver, and forty bronze.

The trophies are shared between all three versions so no triple platinum with this game, though it does support cross-save. Most trophies are tied to character progression, as well as the standard “unlock everything” goals seen in most games. You can peruse the full trophy list below.


  • Odin Sphere: Obtained all trophies!


  • Road of Erion: Completed the Churning Rift of the World.
  • One Who Inherits Life: Witnessed the earth’s rebirth.
  • Erion Encyclopedia: Gathered all texts.
  • Blessing: Witnessed Cornelius’s and Velvet’s future.


  • Armageddon: Completed the Book of Armageddon.
  • All Dishes Conquered: Ate all types of cooking at Maury’s Touring Restaurant.
  • All Abilities Acquired: Acquired all abilities with any of the characters.


  • Velvet Ending: Completed Velvet’s tale.
  • Valkyrie: Completed the Prelude of Gwendolyn’s tale.
  • Twins of Valentine: Completed Chapter 3 of Cornelius’s tale.
  • The Pooka Prince: Completed the Prelude of Cornelius’s tale.
  • The Black Sword: Completed the Prelude of Oswald’s tale.
  • Suffering Heart: Completed Chapter 6 of Gwendolyn’s tale.
  • Small Resistance: Attacked by mandragora 5 times.
  • Silence the Cauldron: Completed Chapter 3 of Velvet’s tale.
  • Rumors of the Magi: Completed Chapter 3 of Mercedes’s tale.
  • Preparing to Attack: Completed Chapter 6 of Mercedes’s tale.
  • Power of Collecting: Absorbed a total of at least 1,000 Phozons.
  • Oswald Ending: Completed Oswald’s tale.
  • One Who Obtains the Cauldron: Defeated the Cauldron with Velvet.
  • One Who Kills the Snake: Defeated Leventhan with Gwendolyn.
  • One Who Hunts the Six-Eyed Beast: Defeated Darkova with Cornelius.
  • One Who Douses the Inferno: Defeated Onyx with Mercedes.
  • One Who Conquers the Lord of the Netherworld: Defeated Gallon with Oswald.
  • Mercedes Ending: Completed Mercedes’s tale.
  • Maximum Alchemy: Created the highest grade in alchemy.
  • Love Unfazed: Completed Chapter 6 of Velvet’s tale.
  • Homeland’s Crisis: Completed Chapter 6 of Cornelius’s tale.
  • Gwendolyn Ending: Completed Gwendolyn’s tale.
  • Fate: Completed the Prelude of Velvet’s tale.
  • Fairyland: Completed the Prelude of Mercedes’s tale.
  • Erion Memo: Obtained your first text.
  • Erion Handbook: Gathered at least 10 texts.
  • Erion File: Gathered at least 30 texts.
  • Erion Dictionary: Gathered at least 50 texts.
  • Downfall: Completed Chapter 3 of Oswald’s tale.
  • Curtain Call: Received a coin during the curtain call.
  • Cornelius Ending: Completed Cornelius’s tale.
  • Clipped Wings: Completed Chapter 3 of Gwendolyn’s tale.
  • Chain Ruler: Connected at least 200 chains from one attack.
  • Area Master: Acquired an S Rank for all battle stages in any area.
  • All Magic-Sword Skills Acquired: Acquired all of Oswald’s Psypher skills.
  • All Magic-Bow Skills Acquired: Acquired all of Mercedes’s Psypher skills.
  • All Lightning-Sword Skills Acquired: Acquired all of Cornelius’s Psypher skills.
  • All Ice-Spear Skills Acquired: Acquired all of Gwendolyn’s Psypher skills.
  • All Fire-Chain Skills Acquired: Acquired all of Velvet’s Psypher skills.
  • A Victim’s Heart: Completed Chapter 6 of Oswald’s tale