Of Course the Doctor Who Game Includes Daleks, Here’s a Trailer!

on January 23, 2012 10:45 AM

The popularity of BBC’s Doctor Who has skyrocketed since its revival in 2005, with 11th Doctor Matt Smith its brightest star. The Doctor has been featured on the Nintendo DS, iOS, Wii and PC; and later this year he’ll be on the PlayStation 3 and Vita in Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock.

The game features the Doctor and companion River Song — voiced by series actors Matt Smith and Alex Kingston — in a side-scrolling platformer featuring (duh) a time-travel plot. In the game’s first trailer below, if you listen closely you can hear what sounds like River talking about the Master, the Doctor’s greatest nemesis.

It has also been confirmed that antagonist-wise, series favorites the Daleks, Cyberman, and the Silence will featured prominently.

Slated for release in March of this year, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will  be a downloadable game. Check out the trailer below:

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