Official Ar Tonelico Qoga Site is Up, Holds a Surprise

By Chad Awkerman

January 28, 2011

Those of you waiting for news about another one of NIS America’s numerous RPGs coming out this year are in luck! Ar Tonelico Qoga‘s official site just launched. The surprise I mentioned? It was revealed that there is a premium box set for this title, as well, much like NISA is fond of doing with their titles. The premium set comes with the game, an art book and a soundtrack CD. There will also probably be some special bonus you can only get if you pre-order from the NISA store, but that hasn’t been announced.

I have to say, it feels weird to put in my birthday for an NIS America title, because the ESRB are a bunch of prudes and rated the game “M”, but it’s likely worth it. Dude, you can get cute anime girls to strip for you, what could be better? Oh, um…what? Huh?

The site has some basic info about the game, the world and the characters, but nothing special as of yet. I’m hoping for some snazzy wallpapers down the line. Needless to say, check it out and prepare to pre-order another great RPG in the near future once those start.

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