Official E3 2014 Maps Released, Nintendo and Sony Confirmed to Have Most Space

on May 22, 2014 2:59 PM

After a batch of questionable leaks were released last week and E3 sent an official statement concerning them (even a warning from Gametrailers host Geoff Keghley himself), the official maps for E3 2014 have finally been released.

E3 2014 map E3 2014 map2E3 2014 map3

It seems that the initial map leaks were pretty much spot on, as Nintendo and Sony take up the most room in the West Hall with three booths each. Atlus is right near Nintendo as well, which was also predicted. And just like in the leaked info, Microsoft reserved one giant area, so it’ll be interesting to see what the company plans on.

E3 2014 map4

The only inconsistency is that GungHo Online Entertainment doesn’t seem to be showing off any Wii U games as seen in the screenshot above, since the Wii U isn’t even showing up under role-playing game for GungHo (that was the genre of the mysterious game in the original leaks).

With the official maps out now, everything has been finally cleared up in time for the momentous event.

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