Official English Splatoon Site Reveals Interesting Facts, Concept Art and More

on December 16, 2014 10:13 PM

Recently, an official Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon began posting interesting squid facts, gameplay details and concept art. Nintendo soon launched their own Tumblr account with said tweets conveniently translated into English.

For instance, we find out how leaderboard scoring works in the game:


Squid Research Lab back with another report! We’ve just learned that in a turf war, each team earns points based on how much of the ground it covers with ink. You can also splatter opponents, but this apparently doesn’t affect the final score. It’s all about inking the most turf!

We also learn about Superweapons and how they work:


During a turf war, splattering ink on the ground apparently builds up the power necessary for a squid to use its super weapon. The one shown here is some sort of barrier-type bubble device that seems to repel enemy attacks for a certain amount of time. Rumor has it many other super weapon types also exist.

And there’s tons more info on the actual site. You can check out all the Splatoon action at the Tumblr page over here.

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