Official Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark Tool Now Available

Official Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark Tool Now Available


Today Square-Enix released a benchmark application for their upcoming MMO Final Fantasy XIV. This tool will use actual images and characters from the game to evaluate how well your system will run the game. Of course, final specs for the title may change, but this little handy tool will probably give you a pretty good idea how you stack up if you plan on exploring Eorzea on your PC.

Here are some features of the benchmark program:

  • Character Selection: Users can choose from a selection of available characters to appear in the benchmark, representing five of the races appearing in FINAL FANTASY XIV. (Characters can also be selected randomly.)
  • Detailed High Definition Support: In addition to 1280×720 resolution, a high definition display of 1920×1080 is also supported. Enjoy the realm of Eorzea in exquisite clarity.
  • 5.1 Channel Surround Sound/Fully Voiced Dialogue: The benchmark software will run through an event featuring fully voiced dialogue in 5.1 channel surround sound.
  • Multilingual Support: Japanese, English, German and French are supported.

You can download the benchmark application here and take one step closer to being the adventurer you always wanted to be! Yes, that was lame. Sue me.